Friday, September 21, 2012

It is Time to Construct a New Matrix

It is Time to Construct a New Matrix
We can do it from a 3-D perspective. We are karmically obligated to do it from a 3-D level because the mass of humanity is still in 3-D and will remain in 3-D for the foreseeable future. 3-D is our base starting point. We 3-D denizens build our societies from the bottom up. The galactics are helping us build this new society from a higher dimension. We meet on
intermediate planes and dimensions.

The galactics are waiting for the lightworkers to begin doing their assigned part. The galactics will no longer dip down into the 3-D level to extend a helping hand until it is asked for. The lightworker collective is self-destructively absorbed in mentally-limiting and physically-limited 3-D games or in gazing at their individual and collective navels. No one has a clue where or how to begin and those who do, or think that they do, are promptly shut down. I have been on high alert since the Drake starting event.

Some [lightworkers] troll forums awaiting a mental opening into a very limiting and limited 3-D reality. It would be infinitely more useful and productive to have the lightworker collective reach out to the galactics with a show of creativity to demonstrate to them that they are free human beings prepared to serve the collective. Humanity's deep sleep must be broken. The galactics know it. The lightworkers know it. But collectively we are blind to that need and fail to meet it.

Our secular 3-D leadership is failing miserably. The only two even possible political timelines left are Barack Obama for President or Ron Paul for President. If Barry Soetero is a lightworker as some claim that he is then I would say to Obama:

"Appoint Ron Paul Secretary of the Treasury. Prove to the American people that you are against war and oppressive government by giving Ron Paul an opportunity to redesign the Federal Reserve System to better serve the American people using a debt-free, asset based currency. Appoint him Secretary of the Treasury in your new administration. But keep an eye on him that he not bring up utopian social policies."

On the other hand Rep. Dennis Kucinich's bill nationalizing the Federal Reserve system would be Ron Paul's perfect policy starting point. The political question then comes down to: Kucinich or Paul for Secretary of the Treasury? Paul brings in Republicans. Done deal. Paul gets the job. Kucinich shadows him on behalf of the President.

Lets get her done!

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