Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Report From Iron Mountain: On The Possibility And Desirability Of Peace

My Comment:
This government report was hidden for decades. When Pres. Johnson read it he immediately ordered its indefinite suppression. Every person working on creating the New Society can benefit from reading it. The sociological insights of the report are publicly groundbreaking.

Similar sociological insights have guided my own thinking and led me several years ago to the proposed Ethnocultural Sovereignty Amendment.

Whereas those sociological insights by the members of the Special Study Group are employed in the report to propose actions that increase control over the American people I employ those same insights to favor actions that lead to increased freedom for the American people.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Great Blessing

The proposed Ethnocultural Sovereignty Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is a principled 3-D manifestation of source energy. It focuses on a necessary but neglected aspect of an emerging fully-human Societal Complex that embraces each and every American man, woman and child, by first doing away with the detested and culturally-enslaving, white/non-white, sociocultural caste system.

The caste system is replaced by a system of ethnoculturally-sovereign ethnoraces. Each ethnorace then consciously and intelligently contributes to defining the founding paradigms of the New Society.

The existence of numerous ethnoraces on United States national territory is evidence of an imperial past associated with the old slave paradigm. We do not deny the past but embrace the lessons learned. We deal with our Imperial Past in a positive and constructive manner by first recognizing and acknowledging the ethnocultural sovereignty of each and every American, individually and collectively.

Passage and implementation of the Ethnocultural Sovereignty Amendment would be a great blessing to the Nation directly and to the World by example. Just saying...

Saturday midnight, January 26, 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ethnocultural Sovereignty Trumps Economics

To the Honorable Dennis Kucinich:
I support the NEED Act but calls for national unity must also address the need for ethnocultural unity at individual and collective levels. Ethnocultural unity is a pre-condition and natural basis for econopolitical unity at state and federal levels.

The ethnic cleansing of European Americans must end as must the material and spiritual impoverishment of all Americans. Americans and American ethnoraces must be ethnoculturally empowered individually and collectively.

European Americans have been socially, culturally and politically demonized, disadvantaged and tagged as guilty and shameless "whites" for the worldwide crimes of their Anglo-Saxon and Jewish masters and overlords.

Passage and implementation of the Ethnocultural Sovereignty Amendment should help remedy the situation by leveling the ethnoracial playing field now dominated by the Anglo-Saxons and their Judaic overlords.

I. No citizen shall be denied or deprived of the right to an ethnoracial identity.
II. No citizen shall be denied or deprived of the right to belong to an ethnoracial group.
III. No ethnorace shall be denied or deprived of the right to ethnocultural sovereignty.
IV. No ethnorace shall be denied or deprived of the right to proportional political representation.
V. The English and Spanish languages shall be the two official languages of the United States of America.

Warm regards

January 3, 2013