Saturday, December 1, 2012


My transitional ethnoracial identity going from the Old to the New Paradigm is European American first and Spanish American second. That makes me whole and one with both humanity and real Americana.

The Genoese Spaniard and first European American, Christopher Columbus, first Admiral of the Ocean Seas, symbolizes and personifies the European in America across international borders with both past historical and present reality. That makes European Americans whole and one with both humanity and real Americana.

European Americans have the natural unalienable God-given right to co-exist collectively as an ethnorace notwithstanding the perverse wishes of the liberal, conservative, progressive and libertarian racists who would deny European Americans their collective and individual human rights by labeling them "racists" for claiming those rights.

European Americans claim the universal and ethnoracial human rights that passage and implementation of the Ethnocultural Sovereignty Amendment implies notwithstanding the hysterical opposition of the oligarchy and their busy minions.

Luis Magno is my nomme d'guerre
December 1, 2012

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