Monday, October 1, 2012

A Higher Human Imperative

A physical three-dimensional human imperative is the creation of a materially and spiritually free and prosperous secular society.*
A narrower view of that imperative is of a fair, equitable and just society. A broader view is of a free, sovereign and independent society. An alternative view is of a slave society.

We are Christians and we are returning Jews. Muslims are Brothers of the Book in opposition to the evil and genocidal Sabbatean-enthralled Judeo-British (Anglo-Saxon) oligarchy.

In tandem with the Mormon White Horse prophecy and historically-embedded Mormon deep hatred of everything American and Christian whom they blame for the untimely deaths of their prophet, Joseph Smith, and Smith's brother.

*Structured along a twelve-dimensional matrix, four secular, three transsecular, three external and two duality dimensions.

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