Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sovereignty and Ascension for the People

This post follows a train of thought. There is more to say and questions to ask. What is ethnocultural sovereignty? Who is ethnoculturally sovereign? Am I ethnoculturally sovereign? Are you? How does one know who is ethnoculturally sovereign? How does one become ethnoculturally sovereign? 

My path to ethnocultural sovereignty is grounded in the collective history of Spanish America. My path takes language off the table and keeps Spanish American history written in both the English and Spanish languages.  

Ascension views, thoughts and experiences are welcome collateral events on my timeline but I don't wait for them to happen. I create them by creating individual and collective futures for myself as a European American. The Austro-Hungarian recent immigrant ancestral heritage complements the fifteen generations-old Southwest Spanish American heritage. This present future is my current one and my most recent one and is no different from my past futures in essence except in form. 

Humanity's prime directives are Sovereignty and Ascension at both individual and collective levels. Sovereignty is achieved the natural way, the peaceful way, the ethnoracial way. The goal of Sovereignty in the guise of Ethnocultural Sovereignty trumps the goal of Ascension if we are to survive as a free and democratic, multi-racial, multi-ethnic nation and if humanity is to survive as a planetary species. 

The first thing we let go of is our racial language which is racist language. We no longer talk of race and ethnicity as two separate subjects but as one subject, namely, ethnorace. We no longer talk of colored and non-colored, black or white, and shades of green or purple. 

We talk of physical (racial) and cultural (ethnic) differences between ethnoraces. We talk of the rights of ethnoraces. And we do it with the clear understanding that we do it for the common good, for our individual and collective good, and for the survival of our species on this planet. 

What are the rights of ethnoraces? The individual right to ethnocultural sovereignty has collective consequences and vice versa. We must train to think collectively as well as individually else we are doomed to extinction as individuals, as ethnoraces and as natural human collectives and will have devolved into an unconscious mass of mixed breeds, half-breeds and no breeds with no historical attachment to or consciousness of anything other than the alleged colors of our skins, a damnable racist lie which morphs into the language of supremacism using language as a divide and conquer tactic. 

The new paradigm is a game-changing paradigm. The new paradigm is self-replicating and self-evolving. It ushers in a dynamic of social revival, economic reconstruction, cultural renewal and political revolution. It maps into a fully-functional, twelve-dimensional, secular, societal matrix. The superstructure is designed to serve the foundation, the society, the people. It can also crush the people if it falls into the hands of the ignorant, the stupid, the greedy and the arrogant. 

The societal superstructure is grounded on four secular cornerstones and three transsecular capstones. Four open secular positions are culture, sociology, politics and economics in random order. The three transsecular positions (morality, ethics and ideology) are closed. 

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  1. On my OpEdNews bio I spell out a proposed five- clause Ethnocultural Sovereignty Amendment.