Sunday, June 2, 2013

Defeat of the Dark Cabal

The defeat of all factions of the Dark Cabal inside the United States leaves an ideological vacuum that will lead to sociocultural chaos and ethnoracial warfare.

Oppressive, arbitrary and capricious Judeo-Anglo-Saxon elite rule over the American ethnoraces must be removed to psychologically free the American people allowing them to move forward constructively as a nation of free ethnoraces.

The ethnoracial playing field must be leveled. Econopolitical democracy and sociocultural sovereignty are two foundational pillars of a peaceful transition from the old societal paradigm of debt slavery to the new societal paradigm of credit freedom.

Anglo-Saxon ethnoracial supremacism and Judaic chosenness poison the minds of subject Anglo-Saxons as well as the minds of members of the subject ethnoraces.

The twin evils, Anglo-Saxon ethnoracial supremacism and Judaic chosenness, must BOTH be mercilessly crushed.
Comment by Thomas on May 30, 2013

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